Meet our Desert Islanders

On this page we will introduce you to some folks, who have entered into the fun of 'Desert Island Discs', they have chosen music that means something at a particular point of their lives and to add to the Bible a choice of literature and finally an item of luxury to be with them on their Desert enjoy. 🙃  



Music /Songs

1.. Charlie Landsborough, “ Shine Your Light.

2.  Cliff Richard “From A distance”

3.  The East Fife Male Voice Choir,  “ When I survey the Wonderus Cross “ (sung to Morte Criste)

4.  The East Fife Male Voice Choir, “Gwohoddiad” (that great Welsh Hymn “ I Am Coming Lord”,  Rev L Hatsough)

5.  Willie Nelson  “You Are My Sunshine”

6.  Chris Rea  “Tell Me There’s A Heaven”

7.  Eric Coats  “ The Knightsbridge March” (from the London Suit)

8.  David J Evans  “ Be Still for the Presence of the Lord” (my favourite Hymn)

Chosen Work of Literature plus Bible

The Bible would be all I need to read, so therefore,

My Own Plain Note book and pencil to record my thoughts and experiences. 

Luxury Item  

My Swiss army multi tool and Knife combined.



1. The Prayer: Celine Dionne & Andrea Bocelli

2. The Voice Within: Christine Aguilera

3. Bridge Over Troubled Water: Simon & Garfunkel

4. The Voice of Hope: Lara Martin

5. The Power of the Cross: Kristyn Getty

6. I believe I Can Fly : R. Kelly

7. Have I Told You Lately:Van Morrison

8. I’m already There: Lone Star

Chosen Work of Literature Plus Bible

A set of Encyclopaedia Brittanica - To extend my poor general knowledge as I’ll finally have the time on my hands!

Luxury Item

A blanket – to cosy in at night and for shelter in the sun 

My selection of songs and music have been a source of a comfort or strength and lifted my spirits through different chapters of my life:

# 7 was played during the signing of the register at my wedding to my wonderful husband Dick.

# 8 I first heard on the radio as the events of 9/11 were unfolding and had an impact on me

#3 is always a source of strength as I imagine my Lord ‘sailing right behind’ me and in #2, He is the ‘voice within’.

#1, #4 & #5 have such profound and moving lyrics that always comfort and strengthen me.

#6 A real feel good song that again points to our Lord.



1.' It is a thing most wonderful' - tune Heronsgate - children's hymn - my early childhood

2. Rolling Stones - 'Street fighting man' - my rebellion

3. 'Psalm 51' - Metrical Psalm - tune St Kilda - my repentence

4. Leonard Cohen - 'If it be your will' - my commitment 

5. Wagner -' Flight of the Valkyries '- to 'relax' to whilst watching a storm!!

6. 'Psalm 46' - Metrical Psalm - tune Stroudwater - my assurance

7. Bob Dylan - 'Saving Grace over me' - why me?

8. Bob Dylan - 'Make you feel my love' - my darling wife, who has taught me so much.

Chosen Work of Literature plus Bible

Institutes of John Calvin - so refreshing, simple yet proufoundly deep, brings tears & praise

Item of Luxury

A large Magnifying glass to enable me to read when eyes get dim and to start a fire as I am useless rubbing two sticks together. Also I could view small wildlife, and gaze into my own navel!



1. 'I need Thee every hour' - hymn - both mine and my Mum's favourite

2. 'Simply Trusting every day' - hymn - that I learnt as a young girl watching my Mother live by it's maxim.

3. 'You are my Honeysuckle & I am the Bee' - Sung by Patrica Hammond - reminds me of my marriage to a wonderful man.

4.' How deep the Father's love for me' - another one of my favourite hymns 

5.' Here is love' - a hymn that expresses God's love for the undeserving

6.' All I do is dream of you' - Michael Buble - when away from my darling husband I would dream of him.

7. 'I asked the Lord that I might grow' - hymn by John Newton (tune Whitburn) - my comfort during a time of testing and difficulty that drew me nearer to my Lord

8.' Alone yet not alone' - sung by Joni Eareckson-Tada sung at 22nd Annual Movie Guide awards

Chosen work of literature plus bible

A step further by Joni Eareckson-Tada

Item of Luxury

Box of very soft toilet rolls!


1. “I Need the every hour” ( My dad sang this every day especially when he was a POW for 6 years)

2. “Jacobs Ladder” by The East Fife Male Voice Choir.

3. Natures sounds of the wind, ( It can sooth my day and send me off to sleep)

4. " On A Wire from Heaven” by RUNRIG

5. “I Got the Sun In the Morning” by Dean Martin  ( he has a voice like velvet or Dairy Milk)

6. “ When I Survey The Wondrous Cross” - tune Morte Criste by The East Fife Male Voice Choir

7. “ Dream Of Peace” Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch.

8. “ Islands in the Stream “ Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Work of Literature plus Bible

The Books by Clive Cussler, as I like to work out who did it,

Luxury Item

I Really wanted Bear Grylls, But will have to say a good First aid Kit, I think I may need it.