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What is a TESTIMONY? - Excerpt from love-divine-co.uk

"A testimony is an honest account of someone being found by God.

Of ordinary people made extraordinary.

Certain elements will be in evidence - a deep sense of personal guilt and sin against God often followed by a period, long or short, of running from God's call and maybe trying to rebel and hide the sense of personal guilt.

Then there is an awakening when opens the heart, the mind understands and the will responds in Repentence of personal guilt and sin and Faith into Jesus Christ and a deep sense of joy accompanied with a thirst to read God's Word (Bible) and learn.

This is not a self induced thing or something that can be earned, like in a 'religion' but it is a Miracle."


This conversion experience may take place during childhood in a Godly home or after a period of excess of a person who leaves a Godly upbringing or someone who has no Christian background. So a person can meet with Christ as a child, as a teenager, as middle aged or on their 'death bed' - God is not limited in His Grace.

This is what makes the Christian Church so exciting as it contains so many kinds of people with so many differing backgrounds.

So read about them at love-divine.