An ordinary people made extraordinary by God

We are a group of ordinary people that God has changed. We are not 'charismatic' but neither are we 'rheumatic' but people who love to worship our God and offer ourselves in His service as a mark of gratitude for what He has done for and in us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our goal is simple it is to learn and be established in Biblical truth and knowledge of God and His work of salvation - then being firmly established we witness where we are, seeking the salvation of those near to us, our neighbours, our friends and the community at large.

We meet together in various homes to study God's word and pray and spend some time together.


Our present Elder is Rev John E. Cropley. John was trained at Trinity College Bristol. After a career in the Royal Navy he became a missionary/evangelist then Pastor/Elder at two large city churches in England. He is reformed in theology with an historic preterist eschatology. He is in theory 'retired' and enjoys reading the puritans and theological works and working on his train set. He does not have a Television but likes listening to Leonard Cohen, Wagner, Bob Dylan, Metrical psalms & the occasional Meatloaf and playing with his cats 'Gilbert & Sullivan'!!

John has been operating his teaching ministry under the name of Fife's pulpit on sermon audio for a number of years now.


  • Some folks at home meeting

Do you know a fellowship like this? - Enjoy & don't take too seriously!

We want to make it clear that we DO NOT have a Mrs Beamish in our fellowship neither do we have an electronic guitar or a 'young Vicar'. No offence is meant by this video.