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Fife's Pulpit by the sea - Who are we?

We are a group of Christians who meet together in homes to study and worship God. Returning to the simplicity of the Christian life we have no building or come under any 'man made' designs.

Our desire is to learn and grow constantly in Christ. We do not reject the NT teaching of having teachers/pastor or deacons and believe that it is essential to have some fellowship structure.But at the moment we are not large enough. We are not part of a 'House church movement' or any movement. We are sinners, who deserve eternal punishment but have been arrested by Sovereign grace and mercy and brought to believe in the life giving death of the Son of God for us. We are what you might call separatists but in the vein of the old puritans and people like John Bunyan.



Where are we? - Largo Fife

At present we meet in a number of homes in the Largo area of Fife. 

Our vision

'Go into all the world and preach the gospel..'

We do not have any fancy 'Vision statement'. Our desire is simply to try and obey the vision already given by the Lord Himself in Matthew 28.  We believe in the need for personal witness and discipleship of those who come to Christ. We read, pray and learn to make us better witnesses for Christ. 

What we believe & why do we meet in homes

What we believe is historic Reformed Christianity see What we believe and Fuller Statement  We are not a sect but ordinary Christians. Who are we

Why then do we meet in homes? The reason for this is partly historical. Some of us  were in Largo Baptist church, but due to the following circumstances outwith our control. We have found that it is more effective to meet in homes to study and pray together. Our Pastor John ministers and helps us to grow and bear witness to Christ where we are.

Events that brought us to where we are at present

  • The building was not suitable for purpose. Poor fire escape & one toilet & poor parking.
  • A previous incurred 'Pension debt' was laid at our door. This caused giving to 'dry up' and the building becoming not financially viable with no income.
  • We left the building to meet in a more suitable place
  • Many of the traditional Baptists decided to leave. We were given no reason as to why people left. Only a few of us remained.
  • Eventually new people came & wanted us to become more Ecumenical linking with those who deny many of the fundamentals of the faith.
  • It was obvious that a bad spirit had entered, so the leadership expressed, after a considerable time of prayer & reflection, that we could no longer continue but wanted to give those who desired to go down that path and expressed their unhappiness with the more biblical & reformed emphasis of the leadership, the freedom to do as they wanted. We did not desire to stand in their way but could not move with them.
  • We also wanted to leave to leave in love & fellowship, but sadly we were prevented fron doing that by the more vocal and expressive elements of those that remained.
  • We started to meet in various homes, content to rest in Him for our future.
  • Despite all of this in the Providence of God we now have a clearer vision for our World-wide ministry and our sermons are listened to all over the globe and our other site www.love-divine.co.uk is reaching many and encouragine our daily witness amongs our friends and neighbours.

We may be and have been, critised by some and called a 'Holy Huddle' - however to be perfectl y truthful, we don't mind the occasional 'huddle' and are glad that our critics see us as 'Holy'..we are humbled by that 'compliment' - thank you!

We realise also that is a steady trend today as so many denominations are compromising and many Christians are being forced to meet in homes or rented halls to maintain a measure of purity.


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